Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blessings from Shane and Wyatt's Down Syndrome Foundation

Isaac was blessed by a newly started foundation called The Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation. These boys have stole a spot in my heart almost three years ago when I heard about them.  See they are twin boys both with Down Syndrome who live in Pennsylvania too.  I hope to some day get our guys together.

Dad, Eric, started the foundation last year.  Taken from their facebook page:  This Foundation will have two primary points of focus.  The first will be to recognize those in our schools and communities that are making a different in the everyday lives of those with Down Syndrome or special needs.  The second will be to assist individuals or families, who many not always ask, but could use a helping hand.  

When Eric heard that we were needing a second iPad for one of the twins, his Foundation decided that Isaac would be the first recipient to receive assistance from them.  Our family is so grateful for their consideration and their generosity.  Coming from a family traveling the same path as ours is also so humbling as they know the ins and outs of our daily lives more than any other.

We gave Isaac the iPad recently and here is some of his reactions:

He knew right away what it was :)

Isaac was signing "Computer"

Look Mom, I want this!!!

Is this for real mama??

THANK YOU Shane and Wyatt's Down Syndrome Foundation

The iPad is currently in the hands of the school speech therapist.  She is programming Isaac's iPad to match Caleb's so that they can carry on a conversation.  She said it is a bit time consuming but hopes to have it up and running very soon.  She also commented on how impressed she is at their ability to catch on to the Proloquo2go application we are using.  

I have asked the twins TSS workers to gather some video of the boys when they use them to communicate, hopefully, I will be sharing that here soon!!!  I myself could not be any more anxious to see it.

I can't wait till my boys are able to "talk" to family and friends who do not know how to interpret their sign language.  This is truly a life changing gift....

>>>If your looking for an organization to support this one is it, please LIKE them on Facebook and follow their good works!!!  We are proof that they are indeed doing good works!!!!!

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