Sunday, January 9, 2011

Double Ear Infections x2

After four days of trying everything to get the boys to eat.  After days of throwing up and fussy boys, we took them to the ER yesterda.  It was confirmed that both boys have double ear infections and some kind of intestinal bug.  This is the third round of ear infections since November.  Caleb is about to get some relief on February 1st he is going to Children's for dental work and ear tubes.  This is only his second set of tubes, but I sure hope this gives him some relief.  Isaac on the other hand is not so lucky just yet.  They want to see if they can just treat his ear infections for a few more months with rocefin when needed.  The ENT does not feel the risk of putting him to sleep is enough right now just for ear tubes. 

However, on February 4th both boys are being put to sleep for a MRI of their brain and eyes, I wish there was some way to get Isaac tubes then.. I may have to make a phone call about this and see if this is a possibility.  I believe these procedures are done in separate areas of the hospital.  The ear tubes would have to be put in at the OR department and the MRI in the x-ray department..  Has anyone ever had any experience with this happening?  Is it worth me asking?  I know that they said the boys will both be sedated for 1 1/2 hours for the MRI, whats a few more minutes for tubes?

Here is a precious photo of the boys napping this week.. They did alot of this:

Hoping the upcoming week is more pleasant for all of us :)

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