Thursday, April 29, 2010

Motivation = 2 lil ole ladies

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I've lost a little weight over the past few months. About 40 pounds to be exact.  I started back in September getting motivated to take control of my weight issue and start focusing on taking time for M-E once the twins were in preschool a few days a week.  In October I began dropping them off in town at school and then swinging over to the beautiful Beaver Meadow Walkway.  Honestly, I was never on that walkway but I heard so much about it.

Here's my lil old lady story:

October 2009, I strap on my headphones and hit the pavement with my arms a swingin.  About 100 yards in front of me were two older ladies (my guess is they are in their 60's or 70's)  I figured the competitor in me was going to catch up to these ladies and finish my walk before they did.  Little did I know, they are faithful daily walkers of this walkway.... and I couldn't catch them before I was so winded I had to slow my pace.

Well, 7 months later I still see these sweet ladies on the walkway.  Today I was really late getting to the walkway so I knew they had a BIG head start...LoL

About 1.25 miles into my jog I see them on their way back to the beginning already.  I politely say Hello and continue on kinda chuckling at myself being bummed that I probably can't catch up to them at this point.  I still had 1/2 mile to go to the end before I would turn around and head back to where I began.  I kept my pace trying to push it every once in awhile with some sprints... then I see them.. I see them!!  They are about a 1/4 mile up and I only have 1/2 mile to go... I think I can I think I can I think I can...

And.. I did!!!  I finished and was in my car pulling away when they were coming up on the finish point.

Thank God for lil ole ladies to keep this lady motivated to move her butt a little faster every day :)  I finished 3 miles in 37 minutes today, not so bad.  6 months ago it took me an hour to do 3 miles.

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B said...

Hey congratulations Stacy! I think wherever you find your inspiration is just fine...lil ole lady or not! :) I'm new to your blog so I'm just learning of your 40 lbs weight loss...congrats on that too! That's quite the achievement.