Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking for potty chair advice

Well my guys are four and I think that its time to give potty training a try. Do I think they are ready, No not yet, but once we introduce something they are pretty quick at picking things up, so why not try this over the winter months. My question/ concern is that they are 4, each boy is around 30lbs and I'm afraid of buying a potty chair that was made for a 2 year old and my guys butts won't fit it right. I also HAVE to have a decent sized splash guard as my guys are not really blessed with any size in the winkie area and they are sure to be straight shooters...if ya know what I mean :)

So What have you used?


Lisa said...
Baby Bjorn is the potty chair we recommend. We haven't tried the ring for the toilet, but we like the 2 piece potty chair (and it's REALLY easy to keep clean). We have one child who has to sit with his legs spread on the big potty because there isn't a shield big enough to help Everyone else has done well on the Baby Bjorn and they are nearly 5. May God be with you!!! :)

datri said...

Don't have boys, so can't help you there, LOL. But have you seen this thing:

Kristin said...

Hi - just found your blog thru the 31 for 21 challenge (I'm still trying to visit all the blogs listed on Unringing the Bell). My little guy is just 7 months old. No advice here, yet.